Hydrogen as a Storage Medium for Intermittent Energy Sources

Kibby Mountain wind power plant in Maine courtesy of Reed and Reed

With the rapid increase in power production from solar and wind sources, grid-scale and localized energy storage has become one of the hottest energy technology issues.

Balancing of energy demand/supply loads and power frequency control becomes a significant issue when intermittent energy supply sources such as wind and solar become a major part of the grid energy mix – 15 to 20 percent of delivered power over an extended time.

With sustainably-sourced energy being a strong policy focus in Europe, hydrogen-based energy storage technologies are being tested more aggressively there and the storage market is rising fast in North America, as well.

Rapid development of energy storage technology is underway in New England; read detailed updates in our blogs below.

Photo: Kibby Mountain wind power plant in Maine, courtesy of Reed and Reed.