Power-to-Gas Storage Technology from ITM Power

posted Apr 1, 2014, 2:09 PM by Kay Mann
One German product of note is from ITM Power GMBH. ITM Power's H2 energy storage solution includes using natural gas transmission grids as an available and huge energy storage container by injection of hydrogen into the natural gas grid.

ITM announced that on 4th December 2013, its Power-to-Gas (P2G) plant had been successfully integrated with the gas mixing equipment and that for the first time in Germany, and ahead of schedule, hydrogen had been injected into the German gas distribution grid.

ITM Power GmbH can now report the achievement of the following items:

CE conformance for the integrated electrolyser system;
Functional acceptance testing completed and
The granting of the Permit to Operate.

Achievement of CE Conformance required generation of detailed documentation in addition to a series of tests witnessed by an appropriate Notified Body.

Functional testing involved agreement and execution of a suite of tests which together challenged the electrolyser against each aspect of its specification. These tests were undertaken by ITM Power in collaboration with Thüga Group.

The Permit to Operate was granted in two stages by TÜV Hessen following three detailed on-site audits of the electrolyser and gas mixing plant in the Schielestraße, Frankfurt.

FMI see ITM's announcement.