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Except where otherwise noted, the Hydrogen Energy Center holds general membership meetings (which are open to the public)  on the second Thursday of each month, from 6 - 8:00pm. The public is welcome to attend.

The meetings are held at the offices of the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG).

Greater Portland Council of Governments
970 Baxter Boulevard
Portland, ME

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Previous Special Events

Fuel Cells, Hydrogen and their Potential Impact on Emerging Energy Challenges

Lecture held on April 16, 2015 from 4-6:00 pm. Summary:

An overview of the emerging global energy challenges and the potential impact of using fuel cells will be presented. Fuel cell technology, its applications, commercialization, and implementation will be addressed along with prospective hydrogen supply and infrastructure scenarios.


Glenn Eisman holds a Ph.D. in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from Northeastern University.  He is an adjunct professor at both Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Union Graduate College.  He has over 25 patents and 25 technical papers to his credit.


Dr. Eisman started membrane fuel cell research at The Dow Chemical Company, using the “infamous” chlor-alkali membrane. He is the former Chief Technology Officer at Plug Power and was the first Director of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research Center at RPI.


At the national level, he has served on four National Academy of Engineering review committees supported by the US Department of Energy’s fuel cell and hydrogen fuel initiative.

Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition

November 5-8 2012 at Mohegan Sun

Technology & Economics of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy for Maine Businesses

October 18, 2012, 8:30 AM to noon

Simultaneous, live, interactive video-conference sessions by leading firms in the hydrogen energy industry

Presented at University of Maine facilities in Portland, Lewiston, Orono (2 locations) and Presque Isle.

Recent advances put commercial fuel cell and hydrogen energy systems squarely into the marketplace.

Participants joined leaders in the fuel cell industry to explore key applications in Maine –
  1. On-site combined heat, power, cooling and fuel production.
  2. Energy storage used in conjunction with wind energy generation.
  3. Fuel cell energy and chemical production to enhance pulp and paper manufacturing.
  4. Technology status and economic prospects for fuel cell -powered vehicle fleets.

Continuing education credits were available for some professions.

The four workshop session topics were:
  • Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power
  • Hydrogen for Wind Energy Storage
  • Fuel Cells Used in Conjunction with Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
  • Fuel Cell -Powered Vehicles and Fleets

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